UpShift Leadership Session 2: Retention and Satisfaction

Thank you for your interest in investing in yourself and your business by electing to be part of our UpShift Training, Certifications, and Consulting Leadership Session 2: Employee Retention and Satisfaction: Understanding Self and Others.

Here is what you need to know and do prior to this particular workshop.

Workshop Prework Expectations:

  1. One – Two Weeks Prior to the Workshop

You will complete the DiSC Management Assessment. Participants should look for an email from: 

[email protected] Dr. Martha Rader

The email will include a link with instructions to complete the Everything DiSC Management Assessment. After completion, within minutes, your individual DiSC Report will be to you to the email address you provided in the registration set-up.   

  1. Complete 30-60 Minutes of Prework (prepare before the workshop): 

You will need your DiSC Report for pre-work and plan to bring the report with you to the workshop.  Prior to the workshop, participants will be expected to read pages 1-7 and page 12, and complete the following for pages 4, 6, and 7 using the following guidelines:

  • Put a checkmark on statements that are like you.

X    Put an X by those, not like you. 

_     Then underline three statements that best describes you (each page). 

  1. Download the Worksheet Packet:  Bring the packet with you to the workshop. You will have reflection and action plan exercises during the workshop.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Expectations and Critical Per-Work for this Workshop:

There is power in assessment, feedback, and awareness! This workshop uses an Everything DiSC Management Assessment and Report. This DiSC tool has been known to open eyes to shift mindsets impacting one’s ability to influence and connect better with others that in turn can positively impact engagement, motivation, satisfaction, productivity, inclusion, and retention. Data from the participants’ assessment will provide valuable feedback on strengths and limitations in addition to insight about others’ behavioral priorities, stressors, conflict points, and what motivates and demotivates. 

You will get much more out of this short 90-Minute Workshop providing you complete the pre-work. In addition, completing your DiSC Assessment is essential. Thank you for investing your time in your leadership development. Please let me know if you have any questions.