UpShift powered by Ask Patty provides the automotive industry with tools to:

  • Create and sustain an equitable, inclusive and diverse culture
  • Compete and serve a diverse customer base
  • Develop leaders that ensure employees meet challenges and thrive
  • Enhance emotional intelligence 
  • Hire, train and retain loyal happy employees

AskPatty Consultants are expert Problem Solvers, Leaders, Innovators and most importantly Partners dedicated to helping advance your organization to the next level.

Our Approach

UpShift powered by Ask Patty, uses a personalized approach specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization. Through training, certifications and consulting, we help your organization meet its goals in leadership, workforce and culture.  Our proven approach to problem solving will improve your bottom line and establish a productive equitable and inclusive work environment. 

Step 1:  Discovery and Direction 

Using an in depth interview process, our consultants assist you in determining the best approach for the advancement of your organization in leadership, culture and workforce.  We identify organizational strengths and weaknesses through proven research methods to define SMART Goals that will meet your needs. 

Step 3: Strategy Mapping

Our team will develop a roadmap for success to meet established goals.  The step by step plan will incorporate your organizational culture and leadership skills to define attainable actions for improvement in needed areas.  

Step 4: Application Process

Through the application process, tools will be applied that best connect with the intended audience.. Our goal is for the client to feel comfortable and successful throughout this process, therefore application may include a variety of UpShift program offerings. 

Step 5: Performance Evaluation

Evaluation is the most important step in the Upshift approach.  Our process does not end with application.  We review your goals and ensure you have success.  We want to consider “what’s next” in our collaboration and your opportunities to expand your business.

Take a sample assessment to see how we can help you.  Browse our courses, register for a live session, and contact us for more information.

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